Preventing Frozen Pipes in Your House

Tips to Preventing Frozen Pipes in Your House

Due to low outdoor temperature, the water inside the pipes can freeze. The problem with frozen pipes is that they can very quickly burst if the pressure of water inside the pipes keeps on increasing. The burst pipes can cause water overflow and as a result, people have to endure with water damage.


Here are the few tips that can help you in preventing frozen pipes:

Insulation of the Pipes

It is imperative that you have the pipes insulated and doing so will prevent the water in the pipes from freezing. If you are living in a place where thetemperature drops to below zero then it is highly crucial that you have the pipes insulated.

If it is out of your budget to insulate all the pipes then at least insulate the outer walls, crawl spaces or attic. It is because of the reason that in these places there are higher chances of freezing of water.

Seal the Air Leaks

The air leaks can also become a reason for frozen pipes. You must make sure that you seal all the pipes and check on afrequent basis.

Keep the Garage Door Closed

If you have water supply lines in the garage, then it is imperative that you close the garage door almost all the time. You need to understand that water in the open can freeze a lot more quickly than the water in closed places.

Keep the Temperature of the House Higher

It depends on the cold temperature. It is recommended that you can keep the temperature at 55 degree F. It will help in a way that there won’t be frozen pipes due to the temperature. You need to make sure that even if you out of town and you need to drain your water system.  You can leave the heat on if you are going out of thehouse for few days.

Identify the Shutoff Points

You need to locate the position of shutoff points as a precautionary measure. You can shut off the water in case of the pipe bursts into pieces due to frozen water.

Disconnection of outdoor Hoses

You can disconnect the outdoor hoses if there use is limited. It can help you in a way that the water will freeze in the outdoors and can stop the water motion.